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Stoneribs Pole Cast in Bronze

Stoneribs PoleOn Haida Gwaii there is a lineage that reaches back 37 years, to the beginning of the Haida Gwaii rediscovery program…
Stoneribs is an honorific layed on the heads of youth who undergo a dramatic transformation, in remote ancient Haida village sites away from the trappings of modernity. It is something that young people carry with them. And it is an ideal that every person who has been touched by the program carries with them for the rest of their lives.

This eight and a half foot bronze honors that tradition, as well as the far more ancient story that this modern tradition is based on.

300 lbs of bronze has gone through a multi-stage process to achieve a finish that makes the final piece appear as argillite. The stone so famous on Haida Gwaii.

Gwaai Edenshaw has limited the bronze edition to 7.